It's A Game Of National Pride

14 September, 2015

Irish LottoOf all the games available in Ireland, the Lotto must be the one shared across all age groups, income groups and types of people.

It is a national institution - you're just not the Irish if you don't play it. Not that it's considered wise to spend a lot on it, but to have a bit of a flutter is a point of national pride. It's just one of those things you do on a weekly basis.

Now I don't know about you but I think we all have a bit of a secret love for the game too, partly because we really do belive that one day that jackpot will be ours. Partly because we also enjoy playing it - I mean, I know it's not a sport or anything but it feels like one sometimes. Especially to all of us with that extra guilty secret of thinking we have a winning system (like these). You know, that secret bit of number crunching we do in our Excel spreadsheet. It's a work in progress but it does seem to help sometimes, and one day when we perfect it - we shall rule the world :-)

I have been guilty of both this practice, and such thinking.

However, I more recently decided to start using other peoples brains instead of my own meagre one. After all, my maths education ended fairly early as I simply glazed over and stared into space for a few years when things got complicated stopped making sense. I bet a lot of you did too.

So I went looking for something better - and wouldn't you know it, the internet is full of it. By full of it, I think you know what I mean. There's some interesting and useful stuff out there, but far and away the most of it is pure rubbish of the worst kind. To cut a long (and expensive) story short though, I learnt that there are no miracles, no rich geniuses who have cracked the lottery or any such nonsense like that. Thankfully though, there are a few honest, sane, clever people out there and I ended up settling on a clever little system called Win Lotto Systems by a Professor Foster. I won't go into the ins and outs of it because other people have done a better job of that than I could anyway (see does Win Lotto Systems work?). The thing I like about it, apart from the lack of silly nonsense, is that the aim is to increase your small winnings while you bide your time for the big one. That suits me just fine. So look out Lotto, here I come, but I'm going to creep up on your and start off by claiming a steady stream of your little prizes before I sneak up and snag that big old whopper. Look out for my winners photo on the TV soon. I plan to dress up as a lucky leprechaun for the prize ceremony where they give me the big cardboard cheque.

Favourite Sports Of Ireland

25 August, 2015

Gaelic footballSome of the most common sports that you will come across in Ireland include golf, hockey and cricket among others. In the discussion below, we have outlined a few games that attract many players and match attendance.

Gaelic Football

Gaelic football commonly known as football is one of the most popular sports in Ireland. Despite it existence in the country for many centuries, Gaelic football began attracting the attention of most citizens after the formation of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). Gaelic football has the highest number when it comes to match attendance than any other sport in Ireland. In fact at one point, it attracted over 80, 000 fans. The game features underage, under 18 as well as under 21 and adults players. All players taking part in this game are amateurs although we have some who earn income from grants and sponsorship offered by different organizations and government. Each of the players can play either the parish or any local club of their choice. The football year in Ireland begins with preseason before the teams enter into the NFL competitions. Each province organizes its tournament and any team knocked out of the championship must do its best so that it can catch up during the Ireland quarterfinals.

Association Football

Association has the highest number of live spectators in the country of Ireland. The football association of Ireland (FAI) and Irish Football Association (IFA) are the national bodies in charge of managing association football in republic of North Ireland and Northern Ireland respectively.


Hurling is yet another sport organized by the Gaelic Athletic Association in Ireland. Hurling that tops the list of the fastest games in the world comes second in terms of match attendance. The game has a close relation to hockey as well as shinty. The major difference between this game and the two sports is that when playing the game, the ball rarely reaches the ground. In addition, hurling requires a large pitch and the players are very fast.

Rugby Union

Rugby union has many players as well as supporters in the country of Ireland. The game is more popular in the urban areas of Cork, Limerick and Dublin among others. The establishment of professional teams taking part in this sport has greatly promoted it within the country.


Athletics Ireland is the body that manages Athletes in the country. The game involves field as well as track events supported by fans across the nation. Athletics Ireland has supported many athletes to winn medals at international level such as Denis Horgan who won shot putt for over thirteen times during the AAAs.